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Person: Jan ZeldenthuisOf: Janze BV

I hired this guy because the blocked and broken sewerage mains filled my apartment and the body corporate's committee refused to fix it, acknowledge liability, or call ther insurance.
We agreed that for 1200 Euro he would visit the apartment, in the week after deliver a concept report and after my comments the final version.
Instead he had a coffee with the chairman of the committee and started working for them. He made a report about what was insured, which took him 8 months, he coordinated the destruction of my inner walls and other evidence of my damages, he never made the report he promised me, and kept his notes so that no-one else could investigate my real damages. He really did a good job for them - and against me. He even admitted that I had much more damages than what he had written in his 'insurance report'.
He must have believed the defamatory lies that the chairman told about me, but then he could just have resigned and not take the money, for he did take the 1200 Euro of me, which to me is stealing.
I felt like a jew in naziland, but it's all normal dutch behaviour.

Location: Hoogkarspel, Category: schade-expert
Posted: 2019-02-05By: annepals

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