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Person: Henk BakkerOf: Bakker VOF

Bakker used to do the financial administration for the body corporate I have the misfurtune of being a member of.
A couple of thousands or ten (Euros) that I had paid have disappeared under their lopsided care. Of course I asked for explanations but they never materialized except some general and vague terms like "The result of an administrational exercise". You think it's funny, it is if it's not your money. Also some personal costs of other members (guess what: committee members!) were taken out of my account.
There was a savings account, except for 10 years Bakker failed to mention how much was in it and when they did they failed to mention what each members share was. Financial yearly reports didn't balance - probably also the result of an "administrational exercise".
By now if they would have divided costs in agreement with the body corporate's act, it would come as a surprise. Sorry, no surprise there!

Location: Amsterdam, Category: financial services
Posted: 2018-12-20By: annepals

Harry:Wat wil je: ze zijn geen accountants, gewoon een administratiekantoor.
Posted: 2010-03-23
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