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Person: Jan BoeschotenOf: Joh Boeschoten BV

Boeschoten made a quote for extensive renovations, decorations and extensions to the apartment of his good friend the chairperson of the body corporate. He also made a quote for the renovation of the whole building on the cost of all owners. The quote, which was double compared other quotes, was accepted by the chairperson. The rejection by the monumental protection board was gladly ignored in favor of 'just do it' getting started with the job.
Which resulted in a leakage in a neighboring building and the end to using a roof terrace of which the construction was weakened. The chairperson forbade it personally, it was also a little close to his own terrace.
Work for which was paid wasn't done or was not finished, but Boeschoten can proudly show the great works he did in the apartment of his friend the chairperson.
In a display of his faithful friendship to the ones that get him jobs, Mr. Boeschoten assisted his good friend a few years later when he refused to replace a leaking, rotten sewerage pipe of the building, by announcing to the favor of his good friend that there is nothing wrong with the pipe.
Now isn't that a brave and faithfull friend?!

Location: Amsterdam, Category: contractors
Posted: 2018-12-20By: Hagar

Harry:Een aannemer in Amsterdam vooral met restauraties van monumenten, heeft het ook niet bepaald gemakkelijk!
Posted: 2010-03-23
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