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Person: Of: Nationale Nederlanden

My apartment is insured with Nationale Nederlanden as part of the strata. It was severely damaged by sewage water that was standing in my cellar for 14 months as a result of the refusal of the committee to fix the cause of the damage. The committee also refused to inform Nationale Nederlanden and NN refused to accept my informing them of the damage, so I was forced to hire a lawyer and an expert to deal with them.
The pay-out for the damage was about 1/15th of the actual damage, which Nationale Nederlanden gave to the committee that caused the damage by their own negligence and by not acting in accordance with their obligations, and that had refused to inform Nationale Nederlanden before, making the damage much worse. The committee used the pay-out for themselves.
When Nationale Nederlanden advised they wanted to close the file, I told them that I was not given any money for repairing the damage. Nationale Nederlanden replied to this with "We don't care what the money is used for". I informed them that with such an attitude they stimulate the committee to repeat these sort of actions, as they are free to use the pay-outs for whatever suits them, not the damage. And yes: as I speak the committee has announced a new idea that will surely flood my premises again. I can't change the fact that I'm the owner of the ground floor of the building, where flooding usually occurs. I also can't change that I'm forced to pay the premium for Nationale Nederlanden, supposedly to cover damages when they occur. What's left is to conclude that the insurance with Nationale Nederlanden is not only useless, it's an accident waiting to happen.

Location: Den Haag, Category: Verzekeringsmaatschappijen
Posted: 2018-08-29By: Hagar

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