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Person: Mr. Olle PostmaOf: Abeln Advocaten

As Mr Postma was announcing "lawyers go wrong a lot of times", he was actually referring to himself. He certainly did. Or didn't he? He's tricky, he's smooth, overflowing you with his talking. Yes, on your cost. He's always interested, asking questions and questions, again and again. And in every perspective possible. Yes, on your cost. He'll propose limitless possibilities. And he each and every one of them discusses with you in detail. And of course, you advance the money as requested and it's completely forgotten, just like writing your defense to the court. Now it is you who's asking at the last minute "what's going on??" And because he forgot your answers from before all the same questions again. Yes, on your cost. So you start dictating, and he writes. What he was supposed to do all by himself for the money you had advanced him, if he hadn't forgotten. But now we are talking about a telephone conversation. Six, seven hours? Between us, what is an extra of 1200 Euro on top of what you've already paid. Didn't he tell you that lawyers quite often go wrong?
And it's not his fault that he forgot all about it. It can happen to every one. Even to someone who's not a lawyer. So you can't blame him for not doing his best. But then, when everything's been sent and you are facing only the last phase of the process, Mr Postma becomes filled with bad predictions. You think to yourself, maybe he forgot to submit the papers. But before you have checked this, he tells you that there is no sense for any defense because it's doomed to fail. You're concerned now, he already has the solution for you. The tactics! You will start a case against the aggressor, that will expose his doings and the truth that is so important for your defense. Yes, you will need several highly qualified valuers that will make a report on all the damages that the other party did to you. Only the best will do, in order to state that 1 + 1 is really 2. Postma himself is not qualified for it, he is only a lawyer. And yes you guessed right, the valuers will also need some payment as Postma himself. Of course it can't be under the 7000 that you already paid for your defense. How can he be so accurate with his predictions? By not doing anything? No, no that's not correct: he told you, he talked with you in his limitless time. But on your cost.

A lawyer who is not capable to make a budget for his work and stick to it is by definition a cheater.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Lawyers
Posted: 2018-12-20By: Hagar

Hagar:After receiving an e-mail about this article, this is my answer. Obviously you don't understand that price should be proportional to service. The amount of money paid should relate to quality, knowledge and execution. When there is no focus on the case but how much you can get out of the pockets of your client ethics are at stake and the importance of the service becomes secondary. And failure is more likely to be the result. It was very easy for you to predict failure when no efforts were made to mount a proper defence. When a lawyer doesn't put a proper defence in the ample time that he has to argue the case, he violates the process of the legal system, making it possible for innocent people to be prosecuted and it goes even further than unjust in one case. It becomes a type of behaviour that erodes the whole system of practising law, because you are not the only one who thinks it's splendid to fill your pockets with minimal effort. The problem when ethics are violated is, it indicates a lack of moral, values and self respect. That leads the way to obsessive greed. And when a person is in a vulnerable position as we were in the time when we reached you, the opportunity to rip us off was there. You never thought you will be confronted with your attitude towards someone else, as the impact to their personal life never interested you. Even now you are only thinking about yourself and the hindering you experience. It is however only the result of what you did yourself. Nobody can force corrupt behaviour, it is the choice of the individual. If you don't learn to understand what you did, and probably not only to us but also to others, you will most likely do it again in another profession. You are basically lazy with a very tricky big mouth and you're basically not able to give any service because you don't have the skills to understand the experience that we were passing and which motivated us to write and admit that we were misused and that we are actually suckers. You assume that the amount of money we paid is the reason, and a warning to others that Abeln are very expensive, ignoring the poor quality of your work. You assume this. Assuming is a terrible problem, especially in Holland where a lot of unfairness takes place based only on assumptions. Assuming is totally subjective to what the one who assumes wants to believe. Assuming is for people who don't want to take the hassle to know facts. They don't ask because basically they don't want to know. And one of the things you don't want to know is that you are a grown up person who is supposed to know that he is responsible for his doings. Blacklist Ratings is not a web site for complaints, as you put it. It is the place where you write your personal experience with companies and the ones who represent them. Even the rating only reflects the personal feelings of this experience. It's not a warning to people who need help not to go to the companies that are mentioned, it's a warning to the companies and their representatives to correct their ways and their behaviour. Because people do need legal systems as much as other services. I'm sorry to say that also the law needs to be changed because too many people in Holland stand frequently under threat for unwarranted payments and I don't need to tell you that 'beslaglegging' and 'incassering' have blackmailers flourishing. Even though this law made it easy for government agencies to oppress its citizens, soon enough everyone has started using it against each other. There is a limit to how much can be paid while sustaining life as well. This however the government agencies and the law don't consider. And then, when a society becomes dog eat dog it becomes unbearable to live your life in it.
Posted: 2011-04-11
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