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Person: Henri LantsheerOf: VVE De Standaard

One bright day Henri Lantsheer, a successful lawyer, found himself voluntarily out of his practice. Of course it's not easy to pay your mortgage when your income has evaporated. And on top of it, he lost an extra income as a lawyer for the strata in which he had his apartment suing members that he declared as difficult, demanding payment. Because he had himself voluntarily scrapped from the bar association. Lucky he found himself next to his partner - the secretary of the body corporate - as a treasurer. Totally voluntarily he did the job. And with a chairman - of same ilk - and the concoction that all the cost under 3000 don't need members approval all the savings that the owners had paid for monthly, were never mentioned in the yearly financial statements for many years. And the unemployed Henri found himself as the head of Denawin bv based in his own private apartment. And he found himself as the head of Notimetodi bv, also based in his own private apartment. And he found himself as the head of Carabai Property Partners bv , based in his own private apartment. And another bv, also based in his own private apartment, was managed by his partner. He hung a very clear sign on the body corporate administration: access forbidden to all. And if there were any complaints for wrongly collecting money, or for payments not acknowledged, or for double and erroneous calculations, Henri had an answer: It's an administrative exercise.
The 27000 Euro that, in my calculation, are missing from my money were certainly not the reason for Henri to voluntary leave his new favorite occupation.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Body Corporate
Posted: 2019-02-05By: Hagar

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