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What hides behind NIVRE (Nederlands Instituut van Register Experts)? A dandy club, that guarantees that their members are qualified in every way. NIVRE provide the reference, so that you the customer are convinced. So let's say you need an expert to make a report for damages that the culprits refuse to accept liability for, so you can get compensated? You are heading for a court and you need a total picture of all damages. However you end up paying this expert for making a report for the perpetrators so they can claim from their insurance and use the money to fix the cause of the damage. The expert you hired gives direction to remove all the evidence for the damage so no other expert can make a full report. NIVRE, the club took your complaints very serious and discussed the matter for ever. They went through a whole procedure about it. But they didn't find it strange that their expert works for your opponent against you, Holland is not a service oriented country.
You don't necessarily get the service you request. But, for requesting help you are obliged to pay the bill. Even a price agreement doesn't stand, the price will vary to whatever the one whom you employed asks you to pay. He doesn't have to actually deliver anything. And if you don't pay, Holland is the easiest country on the planet to take your money by force. NIVRE stands like any other club in Holland to guarantee that their members can loot your wallet (without any problems from you). It's not a reference to any service, it's a guarantee that you will pay for service given to others like your opposition.

Location: Rotterdam, Category: beroepsvereniging
Posted: 2019-04-03By: Hagar

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