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After 4 weeks I didn't get the item I had ordered. I asked the seller where my package is. The seller didn't answer, also not my second message a week later. Then I addressed eBay, which in the meantime put a warning saying that giving feedback would soon not be possible anymore. Apparently the buyer protection is only 45 days and no longer 3 months. So I had no chance of getting y money back or even an answer to the question where my item is. eBay changed their guarantee without properly informing me. The only possibility left was to leave negative feedback to the seller. But really it is clearly lack of proper informing by eBay, and eBay is first responsible to guarantee the transaction. I didn't find my entry in the forum about this later, browsing the forums yielded very few results for the same problem. None addressed the obligations of eBay.

Location: Sydney, Category: web sites
Posted: 2013-01-29By: Anne1

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