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Person: Maarten KlaassenOf: SOS Advocaten

Maarten Klaassen has high regards for Daphne Brinkuis, a financial specialist and partner at Simmons and Simmons, whom he met when she assisted the sole commissioner of the body corporate she had just moved into, to oppose Maarten's client.
So he let Daphne direct the meeting and he let Daphne set the agenda. Daphne introduced a host of issues to sidetrack Maarten away from his client's interests. An amicable, first-name correspondence ensued with Daphne writing about all sorts of things and Maarten answering. Maarten accordingly sent a heap bills to his client for all this wasted time. As long as Daphne was corresponding, no legal point for Maarten's client was on the agenda.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Lawyers
Posted: 2019-06-24By: Hagar

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