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Person: Jan ZeldenthuisOf: Janze

One bright morning, in 2007, Mr. Zeldenthuis got a long distance call with a request to make a valuation of the damage caused in the property of a potential client.

That's what Mr. Zeldenthuis does for a living. He is the sole employee and director of Janze Expertise. He agreed to the normal process and fees to establish the damage and make a report. For the time it would take he requested a humble fee of 1200 Euro.

So the first action was to get the keys to the premises from the lawyer who would use the report. That's the point where Mr Zeldenthuis could practice his real expertise: together with the lawyer he agreed that he would talk with the opposing party that caused the damage and to start working for them. This enabled him to get paid by their insurance, both to himself as to them.

The only problem he faced was the protest of his client. The one who suffered the damage. He had to convince him that his working for the opponent would benefit him. But together with the lawyer, counting the vulnerability of the client who already was in a difficult position he had no doubt he would succeed.

Mr Zeldenthuis doesn't get enough money from small fry like his original client - he needs to launch a claim with the insurance company. What he doesn't mention in the report they don't need to pay, so he can make it worthwhile for them to pay his fees. And there is plenty of room for negotiating. The insurance company sent their own expert, but only as a formality. They found severe damage to the walls of the building as a result of the long presence of chemical water.

But Mr Zeldenthuis said no, not necessarily so, with a little bit paint everything will look like new. Of course paint doesn't cover the actual damage, but still he only requested payout on a minimum budget to make it worthwhile for the insurance company. So only the broken pipe of the opponent that caused the leakage was repaired. And of course the payment of Zeldenthuis.

So what about the report that was agreed with his client? What about the compensation that the client should get? On behalf of his client, the lawyer paid Zeldenthuis extra on top of what he got from the insurance. Otherwise the client would refuse paying for not delivering the agreed report. And for the lawyer it was easy to seize their client's property to get it back with his own undeserved payments. After serving the opposing party against their own client both left the scene. Or did Zeldenthuis?

Two years later Zeldenthuis received a new call for the same case, but from a new lawyer. He had gambled correctly, when he ordered to remove all damaged items from the premises, and eliminated every possibility to get another expert to establish a
claim. It was only a question of time. And here it is... Mr Zeldenthuis assured the new lawyer that he is the only expert that can build the claim for his client, because he alone has a total registration and photographs of the damage that was done. Against the advise of the insurance's own expert to keep all the proof in place until the cause was fixed and the place was dry, he, with his own motives, had taken care to remove everything from the building.

He also assured the lawyer that the report he sent to the insurance company didn't cover all the damages that his client suffered. And for his service giving the evidence he wanted a fat profit, how about a few 1000's. Then he would part with all the information that he happened to put his hands on.

Of course it was stupid to think that Mr Zeldenthuis would remove all the evidence for the favor of the party who brought the damage upon his client. He used one to get payment from the insurance for himself. He used the other to get paid for things that he himself was hiding. When it comes to damages, Zeldenthuis knows how to compensate himself the maximum, out of someone else's misfortune. In normal language this is called blackmail.

Location: Hoogkarspel, Category: schade-expert
Posted: 2019-01-06By: Hagar

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