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Person: OosterveenOf: SchramOosterveenSarfaty Advocaten

SOS advocaten is a misleading name. I arrived with an emergency situation for which I sought legal help from SOS lawyers. After one summation letter no legal act whatsoever was taken, although I gave the green light for a fast procedure. Instead I found myself employing Schram Oosterveen Sarfaty as steady workers for all kinds of demands from the opponent. To the complaint that I launched in their office, Oosterveen answered on behalf of his colleagues that for one year work the amount of costs is not much. A payment that booked zero results for the assigment for which I approached them and instead on my costs they worked so the opponent could get an insurance pay-out for the damaged that they caused me.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Lawyers
Posted: 2019-05-02By: Hagar

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