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Person: Carel JansonOf: Amstelstreek

The biggest whiskey bottle I have ever seen I saw in the office of Carel Janson, and that had to tell me something when I handed him the selling of my apartment before my partner and I left Holland. The abusive behavior of the chairman of the strata in which we had our apartment had become unbearable and we wanted to leave before the bloodshed. Carel Janson looked to me like someone who still holds some of old values that have totally deteriorated in Holland.

We agreed about the price and details, I gave him the keys and my partner and I left. The moment the poster was on the window, the chairman and the treasurer were in the office of Carel Janson. They announced themselves as the only possible buyer for the apartment they had the power to obstruct the deal for any other buyer. They demanded daily viewing of the property, during which they exchanged jokes about the place. This is what Carel Janson told me over the telephone.

It was not the concern of Carel Janson who bought the property as long as he had a deal, but it was more than clear that these two, however wanton for the place didn't intend to pay for it. For every deal he had to safeguard his fees, a percentage of the price that the property's asking price, not necessarily the price it gets sold for. It was up to him to put inappropriate tenants in the place to base a dept caused by a daily fine which would enable from the chairman and treasurer to demand from me payment. The amount had to be above the asking price. They only had to take care that I wouldn't hear anything about the construction for the amount of time needed for this tenancy to frame me.
When I heard rumors about tenants, Janson assured me the property is standing empty, he even mentioned that he was dealing with a potential buyer. When I phoned again he had put a secretary in the office to inform me that he's not there. Until one day I received a letter from the chairman and the treasurer informing me about a dept to them close to a million Euro, referring to a letter sent to Carel Janson and the chairman by the City of Amsterdam. The result of the daily phoning of the chairman to them to do something against me under the accusation of putting inappropriate tenants in my apartment. But the municipality only assumed the accusations and statements of the chairman against me. And to put themselves out of the conflict they requested an application for a license for the tenants to operate as a massage salon, which is what they were in fact.

Carel Janson was fired. The treasurer put his apartment for sale. The chairman, who couldn't believe that Carel Janson had not only fucked me up, but him as well. With Janson not sticking to the deal to make this wonderful 'opportunity' work especially after he had received a big bonus from the rental moneys, the chairman started a slander campaign. Janson's sectary disappeared as quickly at the whiskey would disappear from his bottle. Standing and waiting to be refilled by a greedy chairman who wanted to seize what didn't belong to him. By not sticking to any deal one could say that the score is even. But he should be rated for benefiting for the rental money he took and that he managed to keep for himself by moving his limited company to a non-for-profit organization. In real estate??

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Agents
Posted: 2018-12-20By: Hagar

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