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Person: Marja KleinOf: VvE De Standaard

Marja Klein's getaway

In 2007 Marja Klein became a happy owner of an apartment in the building the Standard in Amsterdam.
As a bonus the chairman of the committee offered her a position as a treasurer. He and his wife openly admired the talented young woman until her resistance and common sense were broken and Marja said yes. And Marja said yes again, and again, and again - Marja said yes to every request of the chairman. Marja was not willing to fail such a wonderful person with the word no. A year passed and the compliments started to wear out. Another year passed and Marja continuously faced the demands from the chairman, not always in line with the way she would like to manage the financials of the Standard.
Cost made by the body corporate were requested to be left out of the yearly report, payments were requested not to be verified, the numbers stopped making sense and the mess of the financials grew. And then, in a critical moment, the chairman came with the demands for a ridiculous cost plan. Marja did not want to take any part in it. But as a yes person she didn't see any possibility to put a 'no'. So after the meeting Marja planned her getaway. When the yearly budget was on the table, Marja put her apartment up for sale. And on the day that a demand for corrections of finances landed on the table, Marja signed the sale and left.
Bravo Marja, well done.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Body Corporate
Posted: 2019-05-02By: Hagar

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