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Person: Daryl FinlaysonOf: Finlayson Roofing

Darryl Finlayson roofing was recommended to us by Alan Damon, who raised our house. So we assumed that Darryl Finlayson would be at the same level as Alan, who is a decent man and who works hard. After the introductory meeting with Darryl and his mate Darren Jolley there was no way to get him on the phone and he didn't get back to us after we left messages. He was not at the site when he was supposed to be working when we came to deliver the drawings he requested. Alan told us that he took the day of to go fishing with his mate Darren.
When we started getting contact with another welder, Darryl suddenly appeared, and made an appointment for a day on which start the work. But then he didn't show up, and again didn't answer the phone, and again didn't come back to us. A day later when we almost had another welder he showed up and decided on another starting day. And again he didn't show up and again he didn't phone. It was clear that he is not trustable and not reliable. Then his mate Darren Jolley send a message that he would like to work in our place as he had just finished a job in a building where the owner threatened him to take someone else if he didn't finish the job that he started. As Darren is not a welder and he doesn’t work with steel we informed him that there is no work for him until the footing has been done. Miraculously, a day after this correspondence Darryl came to work. As a try-out we let him work for half a day. He made plenty progress. But the day after he arrived with Darren and the work started to stagnate severely.
Darren likes money but he doesn't like to work for it. He specialises in minimising effort and expanding profit for himself. It seems he had nothing to do except chewing sandwiches, drinking and smoking, digging in his big esky, and talking non-stop to Darryl, while Darryl was welding. He was not planning to make himself useful in any way, except manipulating Darryl about fixing a sewage which we did not want them to fix and to inform is that he is not willing to put concrete in the footing because he has back problems. And that after Darryl confirmed he was going to bring a wheel-barrow and we had sourced another wheelbarrow, for the concrete pour. And then Darryl started to promote a cost of $400 for pumping so that he and Darren would not have to do the concrete. The tone of the work changed course into things they are not willing to do. It was Darryl Finlayson who invited Darren without our explicit permission his mate Darren Jolley to work with him. To us he said he needed assistance, but he didn't discuss the hours and fees that he will take, as they don't work under one company name. We learned quickly enough that Darren joined Darryl to his roofing works in the same fashion. There is an agreement for $50 per hour for work, Darryl brings Darren as his assistant and it becomes $100 per hour for work. With them needing each other for this trick you cannot separate them.
After Darren succeeded to gain for one hour affective assistance $400 for his presence at the site, my partner had a talk with them and demanded tempo in the work and from Darren to make himself useful. So Darren changed his tactics, how to stretch time and consume the budget without doing any work in exchange. He called my partner again and again to discuss the drawings and required technical explanation, ask questions and all over again the same thing. He and Darryl become totally stupid and after the second day of this circus I said to my partner that I want this two clowns out and I don't care if the work is not finished by them. “But they are not badly motivated”, said my partner and we decided to let them finish the work till the point of the posts and brackets being in position. At this point I didn't want to watch them, hear them, or witness their games. I was so disgusted from Darryl Finlayson and Darren Jolley that I didn't want to stay in my own yard and we went to excessive shopping. To see Darren trashing my garden, the only thing he did voluntarily and saying to me the tree will grow back, after slaughtering it, was painful. When we were back from the shopping I could see no progress had been made by these two with the brackets. The work had been almost frozen in time from when we left three hours earlier. For the third bracket they announced “we don't want to use the form-ply you have bought”. I answered “you can use from what is left here.” But obviously they were looking how to drag time for their benefit. If they had used our wood for the last bracket the work would have ended that day and they wouldn't have been able to claim another working day for themselves. The next day in the presence of me and my partner they finished the last bracket in 2 hours. How did they succeed the day before to drag it to 8 hours for the other two.
Darryl Finlayson roofing and his mate Darren Jolley certainly took us for a ride that cost us plenty, financially and in poor workmanship. I have no doubt that they developed that technique in the period when they got the recommended by Allen for finishing the homes he had lifted. If you lift your house, don't let yourself be lifted by recommendation of the lifter and let the budget go through the roof by Finlayson Roofing. Your friend can give you a better, trustworthy recommendation for a tradesman. We of course don't want anything to do with Darryl Finlayson Roofing and his mate Darren Jolley.

Location: Cairns, Category: Roofing
Posted: 2016-12-18By: Hagar

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