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Person: Daphne BrinkhuisOf: Vereniging van Eigenaren De Standaard

In 2007 she bought her apartment in the building 'De Standaard' and so became one of the owners. In the same year she put herself as secretary in the Committee of the body corporate to be able to practice her expertise as a lawyer in an emergency situation in the building. Sewerage water was filling the ground floor with 90000 liters of sewerage water. The place stood empty and Daphne was afraid that suqatter would start living in there. She made that a primary discussion point, instead of fixing the sewerage. She assisted to get money of the insurance of the building to fix the pipe and in the same occasion she ordered to remove the interior of the damaged floor, included al private posessions of the owner, so there wouldn't be any evidence for compansation claims. Then she informed the other owners that the small matter was solved. She adviced the victim, owner of the apartment for 16 years, not to fix his apartment. The same time she engaged a colleague to question his membership in the body corporate and take his property. It didn't work out, but it did help to wear him him out enough not to demand compensation from the body corporate. In the same year she nominated herself as business babe for her achievements as a lawyer in the international firm of Simmons and Simmons. After 14 months of splashing and oinking in the sewerage water, she resigned from the committee of the body corporate.

Location: Amsterdam, Category: Body Corporate
Posted: 2018-10-14By: Hagar

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